Check Engine Light on or blinking


Don’t panic and feel the need to pull off the side of the road and call a tow truck, unless you are feeling some changes in the way your car drives it’s probably something that can be resolved easily. The check engine light has been merged with the OBD and OBD 2 since the early 1980s The light can come on if you have a loose gas cap or if you are getting an engine misfire, it was designed instead of the warning lights and is used in conjunction with all the smart sensors on your car.

Controlling Emissions in Automobiles


The gas we put in our vehicles contains over 150 chemicals, including benzene, toluene and sometimes even lead so Controlling Emissions in Automobiles can be hard. These can cause dizziness, breathing problems, and headaches when they’re inhaled. Inhaling a lot of gasoline fumes can even cause death. Also, gasoline evaporation is one of the leading causes of air pollution.

Emission Control Systems in Automobiles


When we think of car emission control systems in automobiles work, we usually think of dark smoke or fumes coming out of our exhaust pipes. While we drive, internal combustion processes create noxious chemicals (like CO2 and nitrogen oxides) and get released into the air. But tailpipe emissions are now controlled using a number of systems like catalytic converters and exhaust gas recirculation systems, all of which are regulated by the state and federal government.

Emission Repair Service and Smog Check


Are you prepared for vehicle emissions testing (smog checks, smog check engine repair) this year? We offer smog check engine repairs at our shop because, unlike smog test only stations, we offer repair services to make sure your vehicle passes emission testing standards.