Travel and Vacation Tips

Travel and Vacation Tips

Vacation Tips, America has a long tradition of family road trips and rides out into the country for vacations. The highway has its own legacy and here are some of our travel and vacation tips for you. Adventure, fun, wilderness, and more are over the next horizon.

Be sure to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected before setting off on your family trips. It might make for a funny story but being stranded on the highway is no laughing matter at the time. Focus on the real adventure with this handy vacation tips pre-travel checklist. If you have questions, just call us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the basics!

  • Check the tires for wear, tear, and proper inflation. Long drives in summer put extra strain on your tires. Add luggage and extra people in the car, and it’s hauling carrying a hefty load. Properly inflated wheels will help you stay on the road and boost your fuel economy. Tip: Place a penny in the tire tread – if you can see Abe Lincoln, you probably need new tires.
  • Top off your fluids. Check the oil, washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and all the rest. Bring it into our shop and we’ll help you prepare for the long trip ahead. Remember, lengthy drives put more stress on your car and a fluid check will help you avoid getting stranded.
  • Check your filters. If you want to save dollars at the pump and improve your car’s efficiency, be sure to check your air filter. A new cabin filter will keep the air from getting stale and stuffy.
  • Look up the scheduled maintenance calendar in the manual. Is it time for an oil change? Is it ready for a transmission flush? Different services are recommended for different mileage points. Our automotive technicians can help you figure out what your car needs and when it needs it. We have the same equipment and tools as the dealerships (sometimes better)!
  • Steering wheel looking crooked? People can forget alignment checks because the changes are subtle. But fixing the alignment is fast, easy and your tires will thank you. Improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and prevent unsafe drifting/pulling in the steering wheel.
  • Brakes will tell you if you need a service. Check your brakes if you hear any screeching, grinding, or squealing. Schedule a brake inspection with us and let us thoroughly examine every part of your brakes, from the pads to calipers to rotors. Come see us and drive with peace of mind.

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