Is your vehicle due for automotive service?

What was the last time you had your car serviced at a service shop? Do you remember the most recent service at your preferred auto service shop? At Bullitt Automotive, we offer comprehensive auto service repair for your vehicle. Among the auto shop services we offer are Air Conditioning Alignment Batteries Brakes Certifications Cooling System Diagnostics Drivetrain […]

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Power Steering Service for Automobiles

Power Steering Service should be done between 15K to 45K depending on the vehicle, to enjoy a comfortable ride in your vehicle, you need balance, stability and smoothness – your car’s steering and suspension are what make this happen. Steering and suspension are in charge of keeping your wheels firmly in contact with the road and prevent your car...

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Value of Preventative Maintenance

Spending more than $400 annually on maintenance and repairs may sound like a lot, but Value of Preventative Maintenance is nothing compared to the added expense of buying a new car, especially if your current car is paid off. In fact, by some estimates, every five years you drive your car after paying it off saves you the monetary...

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