Brake Inspection for Your Safety

Our brake inspection is comprehensive, extensive, methodical, and thorough. Each inspection is performed by knowledgeable automotive service technicians who can identify potential problems, replace worn or broken parts, and give you complete confidence in the safety of your ride. Let us demonstrate the quality and precision of our service with a total break inspection today.

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Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belt replacement is a necessary service that every car owner should know about. Along with that knowledge, you also need to know if your engine is considered an interference engine or not. This information can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, timing belt breaks or even avoid thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Exhaust Repair and Service

Exhaust Repair and Service headers help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system. Aftermarket headers are less restrictive because they have exhaust tubes for each cylinder with smooth bends to help increase air flow. You can also get a more personalized look: performance headers are available in many finishes.

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Auto Repair Estimate

We want to be your partner for car repairs that is why we offer free estimates on all Auto Repair quotes. A large part of the repairs we offer begin when you bring your automobile to our shop for a repair estimate. While we understand the importance of a healthy vehicle, we have a greater respect for you, the...

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Water Pump Repair Service

We offer a Water Pump Repair Service, water pumps are made of aluminum and iron and they play a crucial role in keep your engine and other systems cool. It has an impeller, which looks like a fan, and it circulates water and coolant through your car in the circulation system. The water pump is located by the engine and...

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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

To save money, often the best solution for your budget is to buy a used vehicle so we suggest you have a pre purchase vehicle inspection. One of the drawbacks of purchasing a pre owned car is not knowing its full history. Many dealerships now offer services like Carfax and other reports to keep you informed. These pre purchase...

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Vehicle Courtesy Inspection

Every time you come into our shop, your vehicle will receive a free Vehicle Courtesy Inspection. This is our way of making sure you stay informed of maintenance issues before they turn into serious problems. Most of all, we want you and your family to be safe on the road in a reliable, working vehicle. Our experienced auto repair...

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Power Steering System Pump and Rotary Valve

As the vanes turn, they draw hydraulic fluid from the return line at low pressure and push it into the outlet at high pressure. The amount of flow from the pump often varies based on the engine's speed. The pump is designed to send a regular flow when the engine is idling. But when engine is running at higher...

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