Automobile Filters

When your air filter is dirty, your engine has to work harder, reducing fuel efficiency and power. With a clogged cabin air filter, AC systems underperform, resulting in poor air flow from the vents. Worse, it can lead to unwanted, unfiltered air in the cabin. As for a clogged up fuel filter, it causes weakened fuel supply to injectors,...

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Travel and Vacation Tips

Vacation Tips, America has a long tradition of family road trips and rides out into the country for vacations. The highway has its own legacy and here are some of our travel and vacation tips for you. Adventure, fun, wilderness, and more are over the next horizon.

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Older Car Care Tips on Maintenance

The average age of a vehicle is now nearly ten years old. Partly due to the tighter economy and better cars produced each year, whatever the reasons, people are trying to drive their cars for longer. Older car care and maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle is the surest way to get the most out of your money....

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