Wheel Alignment Basics FWD RWD and 4X4

“Alignment” is not just one part of your car. The alignment is actually a complex subject that includes a variety of terms and interrelated parts. When your tires are out of alignment, it means the wheels and the parts controlling them aren’t facing the correct angle to work properly. This affects steering, suspension, and can rapidly wear down tires....

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Recharging Automotive Air Conditioning

You'll notice in the springtime, many car repair shops start offering deals on recharging automotive air conditioning, so it will be ready to handle the summer heat. But, what exactly is recharging the AC? Is it required, like a regular tune-up or oil change? Does my car AC really need to be recharged? Is this just a scam mechanics...

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Air Conditioning Low Pressure Side

The pressurized refrigerant flows as a liquid from the receiver-dryer into the expansion valve, where it can expand. With less pressure on the refrigerant, it can move into the evaporator where valves can sense the pressure changes and regulate the flow of refrigerant. These valve changes allow the system to operate more steadily, however, parts of the Thermal Expansion...

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