Shocks and Struts Suspension

Shocks and Struts Suspension

Shocks and struts are two important parts of your suspension system that ensure your vehicle is balanced and riding comfortably with all four wheels on the road. We highly encourage you to get suspension inspection in order to maintain excellent car handling. Blown shocks and struts can result in a vehicle that handles poorly or even unsafely on public roads. Upon inspection, our experienced tire and auto service professionals will repair or replace those worn suspension parts, so your car will drive just like it did that first day.

How They Work?

The suspension on your vehicle is composed of many parts, including a set of springs that absorb bumps and dips on the road, struts that support your springs, and a set of shocks (which is short for shock absorbers) that reduce bouncing by taking up the motion into suspension springs.

If you don’t properly maintain struts and shocks, an unexpected pothole or even a gravel road can result in the wheels bouncing off of the ground, which can easily lead to loss of control and collision.

Replace Shocks and Struts on Your Vehicle

Since well-maintained shocks and struts are essential to the overall safety and driveability of your vehicle’s steering and suspension, we recommend having your shocks and struts inspected annually so they can be serviced before small issues become big problems.

That said, if you notice any of the following signs while you’re in your car or looking under the hood, it may mean you should schedule some maintenance or call us today:

  • Vehicle is bouncing
  • Front end or nose dips down, especially while stopping
  • Swaying or leaning when turning corners or changing lanes
  • Not enough bounce; the vehicle seems stiff
  • Steering response is reduced
  • Noises while turning steering wheel
  • Feels unstable or vibrates at high speeds
  • Tires show uneven wear or show flat areas
  • Leaking fluid
  • Bodies are dented or damaged
  • Bushings or mounts are broken, corroded, or in poor condition

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