Battery Services and Replacement Tempe


At Bullitt Automotive, we provide our customers with honest and reliable vehicle repair and battery services. As part of our Courtesy Inspection, whenever you receive an automotive repair at our shop, we also check your vehicle’s battery to make sure it’s working properly. Nobody wants to deal with a surprise dead battery–especially in the extreme temperatures of summer or winter. Easy checkups like ours can save you the headache of being stranded due to a dead battery.

Wheel Alignment Service all vehicles


Wheel alignment issues can all be solved with a wheel alignment service today. It’s difficult driving with a crooked steering wheel or a car that pulls to one side all the time. Delaying this service could result in unnecessary tire replacements and less fuel efficiency. Avoid the additional expenses and time by dealing with alignment problems at the first sign of uneven tire wear or steering changes. Contact us today and let our professional automotive technicians service your vehicle and get you driving in the right direction again!

Engine Diagnostic Service Tempe – Bullitt Automotive


Modern cars are complex, and it often takes a highly trained technician with advanced level skills to get to the root of your car problem. Our engine diagnostic service, testing takes nearly all the guess work out of repairing your vehicle and is guaranteed nationwide and the best Engine Diagnostic Tempe.

Fuel System Cleaning Service


With a fuel system cleaning service, your engine performance and gas mileage can be vastly improved. The filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors are all part of an interconnected system that can get filled with dirt and debris. Fuel injector cleaner is used to wash out all of this crud and build up in your fuel system. Clogged fuel systems can damage other engine parts and lead to reduced performance, poor fuel economy, or even result in a complete engine shutdown if it’s neglected too long!

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service Tempe

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service Tempe

Is your car Air Conditioning broke? No need to sweat! If your car air conditioning isn’t working, our experienced automotive professionals are adept at diagnosing any car A/C problem. Bullitt Automotive has the ASE certified technicians who know about air conditioning repair service.

Engine Tune Up Service | Car Tune Up Tempe, AZ – Bullitt Automotive


At the heart of your vehicle is the engine, is it time for an for a Engine Tune Up Service. Over time, all the different components of your engine can wear out and make your vehicle lose fuel efficiency and power. To keep your car on the road and performing at its best, it is crucial that you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and you should bring your vehicle in for when you detect something is wrong. We offer a full range of tune up services to ensure your vehicle will last many years on the road.

Brake Inspection for Your Safety


Our brake inspection is comprehensive, extensive, methodical, and thorough. Each inspection is performed by knowledgeable automotive service technicians who can identify potential problems, replace worn or broken parts, and give you complete confidence in the safety of your ride. Let us demonstrate the quality and precision of our service with a total break inspection today.

Auto Air Conditioning Recharge Service Tempe


If you’re in need of an Auto AC Recharge Service, come directly to Bullitt Automotive. We offer an AC Evacuate and Recharge service, where we empty the air conditioning system of old Freon and then recharge the system with new Freon.