Recharging Automotive Air Conditioning

Recharging Automotive Air Conditioning

You’ll notice in the springtime, many car repair shops start offering deals on recharging automotive air conditioning, so it will be ready to handle the summer heat. But, what exactly is recharging the AC? Is it required, like a regular tune-up or oil change? Does my car AC really need to be recharged? Is this just a scam mechanics pull on unsuspecting customers?

The answer to that last one is absolutely not; recharging the AC isn’t a scam. It simply involves adding fresh refrigerant to the AC system. If the refrigerant level is low, like the oil in an engine, it can be topped off. If the refrigerant is very low, however, it should be drained out and replaced. This process of clearing out the air conditioning of old refrigerant and adding new fluid is called recharging.

recharging automotive air conditioning DYI KIT
Recharging automotive air conditioning DYI KIT

Whether it needs to be topped off or replaced, recharging still means you’ve leaked refrigerant along the way. That’s not good. Even though the refrigerant we use today is better for the environment than old-school Freon, the Environmental Protection Agency states that no air conditioning refrigerant is good for our soil and rivers. So if you’re going to have the system drained and recharged, make sure your technician finds the source of the leak and fixes it. It’s not required but it is highly recommended by the EPA.

All Bullitt Automotive techs are ASE certified and EPA certified to handle all refrigerants and we still do those pesky retrofits from R12 to R123a.

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