Fuel System Cleaning Service


With a fuel system cleaning service, your engine performance and gas mileage can be vastly improved. The filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors are all part of an interconnected system that can get filled with dirt and debris. Fuel injector cleaner is used to wash out all of this crud and build up in your fuel system. Clogged fuel systems can damage other engine parts and lead to reduced performance, poor fuel economy, or even result in a complete engine shutdown if it’s neglected too long!

Carbureted Engines


In all internal combustion engines, the carbureted engines is the component that supplies fuel to the engine. Even on other equipment, like lawnmowers and chainsaws, it serves the same purpose. As cars have evolved, the carburetor become more complex in order to handle all of the operating requirements. For instance, to handle some of these tasks, carburetors had five different circuits:

Fuel Injection Engine


The engine control unit (or ECU) is a computer that controls all of the electronics on your engine), so when you press the pedal to open the throttle valve and let in more air, the ECU detects this and increases the fuel rate to match the extra air entering the engine. It is important to increase the fuel rate right when the throttle valve opens. If this doesn’t happen, there may be a pause when the air reaches the cylinders without enough fuel in it.

Fuel Efficiency Tips and Advice


With costs at the pump increasing and our yearly mileage going up each year you can use all the fuel efficiency tips you can use, it’s smart to look at your own driving behavior and some vehicle maintenance options in order to save you money on gas.