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Filter Service

The filter system plays a vital role, it’s necessary for the overall longevity of your vehicle as well as the comfort of the passengers. The investment in filter service for your vehicle can be maximized by maintaining the filter system with regularly scheduled filter replacements and by making sure your fluid levels are checked. There are a couple of filters in your vehicle that keep your car or truck working properly and ensure your passengers and you enjoy a comfortable ride. The oil filter separates any particles that may be in the oil from the oil flow and prevents debris from entering the engine.

The fuel filter keeps contaminants from clogging your fuel lines, which can cause erratic, unstable fuel performance and reduced fuel economy. Air filters stop dirt and other debris from damaging the engine’s cylinders, pistons, and piston rings — and in vehicles with a fuel injection system, the air filter also prevents contaminants from negatively affecting the airflow sensor. Finally, the cabin filter ensures the driver and passengers don’t become trapped in a car full pollen, dust, bacteria, and dangerous exhaust gases.

The filters in your car require regular inspection and replacement, but how often you should have your filters and fluids checked and replaced will depend on vehicle mileage, driving habits, road conditions, the weather, and filter types/brands. Some indications that your filters or fluids need replacing include reduced gas mileage, less power during acceleration, or even unwanted smells in the cabin.

What does an air filter, cabin air filter or fuel filter do?

The job of any filter is to block unwanted debris from getting into something. Automotive filters are no different, they are designed to keep harmful particles from entering parts where air and fluid flows, like in your engine, fuel lines, radiator, and more. When a filter isn’t performing or becomes too clogged, your performance will suffer and can even cause damage.

If you’ve ever used a furnace or AC system at home, you’ve had to replace a filter, probably. If you haven’t, well, you may want to go and check those ones, too. But save yourself the hassle and bring your vehicle in to have its filters inspected by our dependable, certified technicians.

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