Exhaust Repair and Service

Exhaust Repair and Service

Having a good Exhaust Repair and Service done can help you to catch problems before they happen. With the wider use of things like aftermarket headers, hi flow catalytic converters and hi flow exhaust you have allot going on under your hood and car, not to mention the temps.

Our Performance Headers Installation Service Package includes:

Our performance  exhaust package includes:

  • The highest quality aftermarket parts installed by ASE certified techs.
  • We will replace your factory exhaust manifold with a high quality hi flow manifold.
  • Our after install follow up.

Exhaust System and Headers

Dress up your exhaust with extra horsepower and torque by going with a performance system. A performance exhaust system will look, perform, and sound better than any factory-installed exhaust systems. And the cat-back exhaust system comes with all the required hardware to bolt the new exhaust directly to your car.

By going with an aftermarket exhaust system you can dress up the looks of your vehicle while adding more performance and sometimes better mileage. Most hi quality aftermarket exhaust parts come with everything needed for a quality install and will not void the factory warranty if installed by a qualified shop, like Bullitt Automotive.

exhaust repair and service

If You Hear a Vibration

If you are experiencing a vibration while the car is running you should contact us before that vibration works its way into a cracked manifold and possibly dangerous exhaust leak. Let us know where you are feeling the vibration, this may be accompanied by a rumble, some fumes and an increase is sound. Not only can these issues cause lower mileage they could cause long term damage to your engine and loss of power and should be looked at as soon as possible.

exhaust repair and service

A Failing or Failed Catalytic Converter

Failing catalytic convertors are no joke and when they fail they can cause several problems. If your cat is getting plugged up it will cause it to overheat above 800F and cause the vehicle to become sluggish and un responsive. If you are hearing a rattle or it sounds like ceramic in a can you could have a broken catalytic convertor which can cause loss of mileage, power and failure to pass emissions. All these could possibly cause your check engine light to come on.

Increase in Exhaust Volume

An increase in noise could be cause by a cracked header, loose donut (gasket) or crack in the exhaust pipe. This can cause a loss of power on acceleration not to mention a loud obnoxious sound and fumes that can enter the vehicle. We can check your exhaust both visually or with a smoke bomb to find any leak. If you are starting to get a crack in your exhaust manifold this could cause you to burn a valve, these start of commonly with the vehicle making a loud puff, puff, puff noise on start up until the manifold gets to temperature and then it will normally seal up or become less noticible. Let our ASE certified techs take the guesswork out of finding the problem.

Fuel Efficiency

Do you notice that you are using more fue than normal? this can becaused by any of the above mentioned problems. For a leaking or cracked header, broken exhaust pipe or missing gaskets, your vehicle requires a small amount of backpressure to run correctly, are you getting that now?

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