Exhaust Repair and Service

Exhaust Repair and Service headers help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system. Aftermarket headers are less restrictive because they have exhaust tubes for each cylinder with smooth bends to help increase air flow. You can also get a more personalized look: performance headers are available in many finishes.

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Exhaust Components

The exhaust components system consists of many segments of pipes. They come in varied shapes and are designed to connect with one another and to fit specific parts on the bottom of your car (they can even be bent to go around other nearby parts). Each pipe is responsible for moving the exhaust gases to the back of...

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Exhaust Flow

Exhaust flow, in a perfect world, your engine would combust all its fuel and then convert any leftover, dirty bits into a source of power. However, engine waste does exist and it's called pollution. Some fuel will always remain unused or unburned, and so it is removed from your engine in the form of exhaust flow.

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