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Modern cars are complex, and it often takes a highly trained technician with advanced level skills to get to the root of your car problem. Our engine diagnostic service, testing takes nearly all the guess work out of repairing your vehicle and is guaranteed nationwide and the best Engine Diagnostic Tempe.

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At the heart of your vehicle is the engine, is it time for an for a Engine Tune Up Service. Over time, all the different components of your engine can wear out and make your vehicle lose fuel efficiency and power. To keep your car on the road and performing at its best, it is crucial that you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and you should bring your vehicle in for when you detect something is wrong. We offer a full range of tune up services to ensure your vehicle will last many years on the road.

Timing Belt Replacement


Timing belt replacement is a necessary service that every car owner should know about. Along with that knowledge, you also need to know if your engine is considered an interference engine or not. This information can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, timing belt breaks or even avoid thousands of dollars in repairs.

Driveshaft Repair Service and U-Joints


Driveshaft repair service and U-Joints is a very delicate tune considering all the torque the transfer, the driveshaft is a rotating, mechanical tube that sends torque from the transmission to the differential. Driveshafts transfer a lot of torque and load with high speed vibrations and a twisting force. Driveshafts have to be strong but also light-weight and free of vibration to power your ride.

Exhaust Repair and Service


Exhaust Repair and Service headers help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system. Aftermarket headers are less restrictive because they have exhaust tubes for each cylinder with smooth bends to help increase air flow. You can also get a more personalized look: performance headers are available in many finishes.

Transmission Repair and Service


Hear a grinding noise you may be in need of automatic transmission or manual transmission repair or service. Is your car shifting with more difficulty? When the transmission is having trouble, it’s not a good feeling. automatic transmission or manual transmission service, repairs or replacement can be costly. At Bullitt Automotive, we see worn and broken transmissions all the time. With regular maintenance, like transmission fluid flushes and service, you can prevent a major failure and keep your transmission working great for years.

Drivetrain Repair Service and CV Joints


Drivetrain Repair Service, Constant Velocity joints (CV joints) are flexible joints that transfer power from a vehicle’s transaxle to the CV axle half-shafts and onto the individual wheels. There are several parts that make a CV joint operate, but the two most important parts – and the ones most often in need of repairs – are the cage and bearings that give flexibility to the joint and the CV boot that protects the bearings.

Differential Service two and four wheel drives


Differential Service, when a car makes a left turn, the left side wheels naturally turn slower than the outside wheels on the right because the exterior wheels have to travel farther than the inside wheels make the turn. For this reason, tires have to be able to move independently and at different speeds to avoid slipping. This gives the car more power and co