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Engine Diagnostics Service in Tempe

Modern cars are complex, and it often takes a highly trained technician with advanced level skills to get to the root of your car problem. Our Engine Diagnostics Service in Tempe, testing takes nearly all the guess work out of repairing your vehicle and is guaranteed nationwide and the best Engine Diagnostics Service in Tempe.

Engine Diagnostics Service in Tempe includes:

  • System inspection and analysis
  • Pin point testing
  • Looking at technical service bulletins
  • Diagnosis for performance issues

This diagnostic service is recommended when you have drivability issues, reduced fuel efficiency, or when a warning light comes on (like the check engine or service engine soon light turns on/blinks).

The Check Engine light

The Check Engine light notifies you of a problem and stores a trouble code in one or more of your vehicle’s computers. When the computer receives about 4-5 specific conditions, it meets the criteria for a trouble code. This is why our professional technicians check all the different systems before making a repair decision.

The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is effectively the \”straw on the camel’s back.\” The trouble code narrows down the area for further testing in order to figure out the root of the problem. Using professional test equipment, a small diagnostic fee allows us the time to thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of your warning lights.

As a company, we have invested in the most thorough database from the best technical experts in the auto industry with access to all the latest auto repair information. Our Engine Diagnostic Tempe services will give you the most accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s engine problem and a repair that is done right the very first time.

Free Engine Diagnostic Tempe Service Code Scan

A diagnostic code scan is an informational service we offer for free. We can connect your car and bring up the codes that are triggering you warning light. If you like, you can even have a print-out of the diagnostic code with additional info. Once we know what is causing your warning lights to come on, our trained mechanics can also recommend the services necessary to keep your car maintained and in working order. This should be performed whenever you see the check engine light and need some basic information before deciding to have further repairs.

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