Emission Repair Service and Smog Check

Smog Check Engine Repair

Are you prepared for vehicle emissions testing (smog checks, smog check engine repair) this year? We offer smog check engine repairs at our shop because, unlike smog test only stations, we offer repair services to make sure your vehicle passes emission testing standards.

During an emissions test, a certified automotive technician measure your vehicle’s tail pipe emissions and test how much hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide it is emitting. These tests can take about an hour and they help ensure your vehicle isn’t emitting harmful air pollutants. If your car fails an emissions inspection, it may mean that there’s a problem with your emissions control system and an engine repair may be required.

At Bullitt Automotive, our diagnostic test can help determine exactly what’s going on under your hood. Want to make an appointment for your vehicle? We can service your car, identify any issues, and offer the right repair and maintenance options, including emissions diagnostics and smog check engine repair. All of or our services are backed with our guarantee and years of automotive repair experience.

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Inspection Requirements

Unless they are exempt (see “Inspection Exemptions” below), all vehicles model year 1967 and newer in the Phoenix and Tucson areas* require ADOT emissions testing. This includes vehicles used to commute to the Phoenix or Tucson areas for purposes such as work or school.

Emissions testing in Arizona must be completed no more than 90 days prior to registration or renewal.

How often to test your vehicle depends on how often you must renew your vehicle’s registration:

  • Model year 1981 and newer vehicles: 2 years.
    • This does not include diesel vehicles.
  • Model year 1980 and older vehicles: 1 year.
    • This also includes most vehicles in Tucson.

Your registration renewal notice will state whether it’s time for an emissions test.

* Some partial ZIP codes require testing. Please refer to the state’s VEI Address Locator to determine whether your vehicle requires testing.

Inspection Exemptions

The following vehicles are exempt from emissions testing:

  • Vehicles model year 1966 and older.
  • Gasoline-powered and alternative fuel vehicles 5 model years old and newer (this does NOT include reconstructed vehicles).
    • See “Arizona Incentives for Eco-Friendly Driving” below for more information on testing AFVs.
  • Collectible vehicles (must carry collectible vehicle insurance).
  • Motorcycles.
  • Vehicles under 90 ccs, golf carts, and other electric-powered vehicles.
  • Vehicles titled in more than one state (“apportioned vehicles”).
  • Wholesale vehicles transferred between dealers.

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