Driveshaft Repair Service and U-Joints

Driveshaft Repair Services and U-Joints

Driveshaft repair service and U-Joints is a very delicate tune considering all the torque the transfer, the driveshaft is a rotating, mechanical tube that sends torque from the transmission to the differential. Driveshafts transfer a lot of torque and load with high speed vibrations and a twisting force. Driveshafts have to be strong but also light-weight and free of vibration to power your ride.

Driveshafts in Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

In rear-wheel drive vehicles, there are one or two long drive shafts running the length of the vehicle, from the transmission to the rear differential. The drive shaft is what transfers power from the engine, through the transmission, and down to the rear differential in order to turn the back drive wheels.

To increase drive shaft flexibility, most rear-wheel drive vehicles have U-joints (also known as universal joints) at the ends of the drive shaft. Often in high mileage cars, these U-joints will need to be replaced when vibrations are detected at high speeds.

Driveshaft repair service and U-Joints

What are the signs my driveshaft is in need of repair?

The following list of symptoms could indicate a problem with your driveshaft or even your driveshaft’s U joint connection:

  • Clunking, squeaking, or rattling noises
  • Vibration while accelerating
  • Strong vibration in the floorboards
  • Feeling resistance while turning
  • Signs of wear or rust on the U joint
  • Visible play in the U joints when you manually move the driveshaft

How often should I get the driveshaft and U joints inspected?

There is a lot of variation in the time between drivetrain services and driveshaft repair services because it can vary based on your and your driving conditions.

However, anytime you detect signs of unnatural vibration, clunking, or squeaking — bring it in to our shop because your ride will not operate without a working drift shaft. Save on more expensive repairs down the road and address your driveshaft problems with our driveshaft shop service at the first symptom.

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