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Modern cars are complex, and it often takes a highly trained technician with advanced level skills to get to the root of your car problem. Our engine diagnostic service, testing takes nearly all the guess work out of repairing your vehicle and is guaranteed nationwide and the best Engine Diagnostic Tempe.

Check Engine Light on or blinking


Don’t panic and feel the need to pull off the side of the road and call a tow truck, unless you are feeling some changes in the way your car drives it’s probably something that can be resolved easily. The check engine light has been merged with the OBD and OBD 2 since the early 1980s The light can come on if you have a loose gas cap or if you are getting an engine misfire, it was designed instead of the warning lights and is used in conjunction with all the smart sensors on your car.

Transmission Repair and Service


Hear a grinding noise you may be in need of automatic transmission or manual transmission repair or service. Is your car shifting with more difficulty? When the transmission is having trouble, it’s not a good feeling. automatic transmission or manual transmission service, repairs or replacement can be costly. At Bullitt Automotive, we see worn and broken transmissions all the time. With regular maintenance, like transmission fluid flushes and service, you can prevent a major failure and keep your transmission working great for years.

Engine Sensors used by ECU to Control


the fuel injectors can all open at the same time — or each one can open just before the intake valves do (this is called sequential multi-port fuel injection). If the driver makes a sudden change, the sequential system responds faster because it only has to wait only until the next intake valve opens, and not the next complete revolution of the engine.

What Engine Components are Evaluated


When you bring your vehicle in for a tune up we evaluate these engine components for you. These are the main smart sensors and engine sensors that help the ECU control your engine and give you the best fuel efficiency and longevity.

Engine Knocking Making Loud Noise


Don’t hesitate to come to Bullitt Automotive at the first sign of engine knocking. If you’re hearing engine noises like knocking, tapping or clicking, or if your engine stalls sometimes, bring your car in and our certified technicians will figure out what’s going on under the hood. Keep your engine performance and engine efficiency strong by tackling the small repairs when they appear.

Smart Sensors in Late Model Cars


Clusters are now used on a smaller scale for smart sensors. For instance, a typical pressure sensor has a component that sends out varying voltage, depending on the pressure placed on it. Typically, the voltage output is not constant, it can vary with the temperature, and it is a low-level voltage, which means it needs amplification.

ECU Components in Automobiles


Before today’s emission laws, you could build a car engine with no microprocessors. However, we now have stricter emissions laws, so sophisticated controlling mechanisms (ECU Components and Engine Controls) were necessary to control the air/fuel mixture in order for the catalytic converter to reduce the pollution from our exhaust. (Look at How Catalytic Converters Work for further explanation.)