Brake Inspection for Your Safety

Our brake inspection is comprehensive, extensive, methodical, and thorough. Each inspection is performed by knowledgeable automotive service technicians who can identify potential problems, replace worn or broken parts, and give you complete confidence in the safety of your ride. Let us demonstrate the quality and precision of our service with a total break inspection today.

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Brake System and Components

You must have brake fluid for your brake system to work properly. It's a key ingredient. When there is pressure applied to the brake fluid lines, energy is distributed to your brake parts. If your car leaks brake fluid, it could take longer to stop or it may not stop at all. Without any brake fluid, your brakes won’t...

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Brake Problems and Symptoms

If your car starts to emit strange sounds, abnormal smells, feels different -- start investigating the issue sooner rather than later and risking the condition getting worse. Delaying small repairs often leads to bigger, more expensive repair bills down the road and more brake problems . For example, when brake pads and shoes stop working, the rotors can become...

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