Brake Service by ASE Certified Techs

Brake Service by ASE Certified Techs

Brake Service

Which brake parts manufacturer(s) do you install?

We only use quality brake parts on the cars we service. Cutting corners on parts is not the way to go, if you want parts that last. We install ony OEM by choice but if you would like aftermarket we carry nationally known Wagner brand ThermoQuiet friction material as well as Qualis Automotive rotors and drums. If we don’t stock it, we can get the original equipment parts that meet or exceed the OE standards. Quality parts are essential to precision braking.

How do you inspect brakes?

Our brake inspections are as thorough as the day is long. Our technicians can find just about any brake problem, no matter the size, by looking at each of your car’s different brake components. Each of our ASE-certified brake service technicians can repair or replace any issue in your brake system and answer any questions you have along the way. This means you have a knowledgeable and professional brake tech working on your ride.

What specialty training do your technicians undergo?

You wouldn’t see a dentist who’s not professionally trained, and we think the same logic applies to the person who fixes your brakes. Becoming a brake service expert requires training and a drive to succeed in the auto care industry. ASE is the standard — with a trusted certification process used by automotive professionals everywhere.

Can you explain ASE Certification?

Before any technician becomes ASE certified, they have to have at least two years of auto repair experience benicar dosage. It is a rigorous examine and its difficulty tests the competency and knowledge of the brake technician. Plus, certification is not for life. To maintain certification, ASE brake techs have to retest every five years!

What is MAP?

The Motorist Assurance Program or “MAP.” It is a consumer outreach program from the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association, Inc. (AMRA). This nationally recognized quality assurance program even has participants from the industry’s leading retailers, suppliers, independent repair shops, and car manufacturers.

MAP began in 1994 in an effort to help the consumer receive detailed, honest information regarding their vehicle parts; the goal is to educate the consumer on their vehicle while giving trusted and consistent recommendations about each inspected vehicle component.

We are all about quality service, so this is our way of ensuring your car is in good hands. MAP is always updated with new information from government and state officials, continually addressing new changes in the automotive industry.

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