Best Brake Repair Shop In Tempe

Best Brake Repair Shop In Tempe

If you have any brake repair issues come to the Best brake repair shop in Tempe, give us a call today!

Our brake inspections are as thorough as the day is long. Our technicians can find just about any brake problem, no matter the size, by looking at each of your car’s different brake components. Each of our ASE-certified brake service technicians can repair or replace any issue in your brake system and answer any questions you have along the way. This means you have a knowledgeable and professional brake repair shop in Tempe working on your ride.

Inspect your brakes at Bullitt Automotive, brake repair shop in Tempe

You wouldn’t see a dentist who’s not professionally trained, and we think the same logic applies to the person who fixes your brakes. Becoming a brake service expert requires training and a drive to succeed in the auto care industry. ASE is the standard — with a trusted certification process used by automotive professionals everywhere.

Your braking system explained

Brake pads press on your rotors and this friction slows or stop your car.

Each rotor is connected to a tire. When your car is moving, the rotor is spinning. It stops spinning when there is friction from the brake pad.

The caliper applies pressure and activates brake pads so the contact the rotors. Brake fluid is required in order for the calipers to function correctly.

Pressing down the brake pedal causes brake fluid to travel through the brake hose to each caliper, which activates the brake pads.

These are the main components to your braking system, if you have any questions about our brake repair shop in Tempe or about a braking issue give us a call today.

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