Battery Services and Replacement Tempe

Battery Replacement Services Tempe

At Bullitt Automotive, we provide our customers with honest and reliable vehicle repair and Battery Replacement Services Tempe.  As part of our Courtesy Inspection, whenever you receive an automotive repair at our shop, we also check your vehicle’s battery to make sure it’s working properly. Nobody wants to deal with a surprise dead battery–especially in the extreme temperatures of summer or winter. Easy checkups like ours can save you the headache of being stranded due to a dead battery.

When your vehicle comes into Bullitt Automotive, an ASE-certified technician will test your battery to confirm it still has the proper amount of charge.

If it doesn’t have the correct charge, we let the customer know and offer to change it for them. We are not in the business of selling automotive parts that you don’t need. If our customers decide to change the battery, our certified and experienced technicians can remove your old battery and dispose of it in an environmentally-safe way.

Bullitt Automotive stocks quality batteries from brands like Interstate at every location. Get your vehicle’s battery services check by our ASE-certified mechanics and eliminate the worry of whether your car will start when you want it to.

Do you really offer free car Battery Testing in Tempe?

Yes, we do! Whenever you bring your vehicle in, we’ll give your battery a thorough performance test with our Early Detection Analyzer. We’ll explain how much life is left in your battery and, depending on your battery charge, recommend a replacement. We can also give you tips and advice on how to make your battery last longer, even if it is in “good” working condition. So remember the best place to get your Battery Testing in Tempe is at Bullitt Automotive.

Why should I go to Bullitt Automotive for my car battery replacement?

Our professional technicians have the knowledge and skills to handle all battery issues and answer any questions you have, to set your mind at ease. We also work with quality Interstate Batteries, a lead innovator of batteries for over 80 years. Every one of our customers also receive a free battery check with every visit. Let us inspect your battery charge and determine any possible signs of failure so you don’t wind up stranded with Battery Services and Replacement in Tempe.

The jolt of power your ride needs to get moving.

Powering your vehicle is not a simple matter. But everyone can understand this simple fact: a working battery gives your car the energy to move.Without that battery power, your car won’t even start. A car battery is essential because it provides the electricity to operate all the electrical parts. It does this by converting chemical energy into electricity that sends voltage to the starter and powers your vehicle. And just as important, your battery also maintains a steady energy supply (voltage) to keep your engine running

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