Bad Battery Warning Signs and Symptoms

Bad Battery Warning Signs

Bad Battery Warning Signs, we’ve all been there before. We have somewhere we have to be, the car won’t start and we’re stuck. To prevent getting stranded ever again, learn to recognize these warning signs and symptoms that could indicate your battery may need to be replaced soon:

  • Check engine light – When your battery power is weak, the check engine light will sometimes come on. Stranger indicator lights–like low coolant warning lights–might indicate a problem with your battery as well (or it might mean you need more coolant).
  • Slow engine crank – While trying to start your car, you notice the engine cranks sluggishly and takes longer than usual to start. You might have even heard that “rur rur rur” sound of the engine trying to turn.
  • Low battery fluid – Most car batteries have a translucent casing, so you can always keep an eye on the battery fluid level. On some older vehicles, you can even inspect it by taking off the red and black caps, but most modern vehicle batteries are permanently sealed. If the fluid level is lower than the lead plates inside, your battery and charging system should be tested. When these fluid levels drop, it’s usually due to overcharging (heat).
  • Bloated battery case – If your battery case looks like it ate a big meal or is swollen, it could indicate you have a bad battery. Excessive heat can often cause your battery to swell and reduce its longevity.
  • Rotten egg smell – You might have noticed a sulfur-like, stinky smell around your battery. The source: leaks! Battery leaks cause corrosion around the posts (posts are the + and – cable connections). This gunk may need to be removed before your car will start.
  • Battery is older than 3 years – A vehicle battery can last much longer than three years but, after three years, it’s a good idea to have your battery inspected regularly. Even though they typically last between three to five years, driving habits and weather (even frequent, short trips around town) can all shorten the longevity of your car battery life.

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