Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service Tempe

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service Tempe

Is your car Air Conditioning broke? No need to sweat! If your car air conditioning isn’t working, our experienced automotive professionals are adept at diagnosing any car A/C problem. Bullitt Automotive has the ASE certified technicians who know about Car air conditioning repair service in Tempe.  Common issues we repair:

  • No cold air at all
  • Blows hot or warm air
  • Lack of pressure from vents
  • Failure to blow air at all

When you bring your car in, our experienced automotive technicians will begin with a Performance Check to diagnose why the car A/C isn’t operating properly and what needs to be fixed. Car air conditioning problems can be caused by many things, including Freon leaks, worn out filters, loose wires, or too much heat from the engine. Our professional mechanics will figure out the root of your car air conditioning repair service in Tempe.

Car auto air conditioning repair service Tempe

Car air conditioning repair service once we know what is wrong with your air conditioner, we will discuss the A/C repair services we offer. Our automotive technicians can repair or replace any part of your vehicle’s AC, such as:

  • Evaporators, filters, and condensers
  • O-rings, seals, fans, and hoses
  • Compressors and compressor clutches
  • Driers, receivers and accumulators
  • Switches, controls, modules and relays
  • Blower motors and resistors

You don’t have to suffer through a scorching summer without a properly working car A/C – let our professional technicians perform a proper diagnostic and get you cruisin’ in the cool breeze again!

Below is a diagram how auto air conditioning works:

How your auto air conditioning works air conditioning repair serviceHave you always wondered how a automotive air conditioning worked, here are some pages that will hopefully explain the functionality of your A/C system:
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