Auto Air Conditioning Recharge Service Tempe

Auto Air Conditioning Recharge Service Tempe

If you’re in need of an Auto AC Recharge Service, come directly to Bullitt Automotive. We offer an AC Evacuate and Recharge service, where we empty the air conditioning system of old Freon and then recharge the system with new Freon. Then, we examine the pressure and temperature controls to ensure everything is working properly, that’s the correct way to do an Auto AC Recharge Tempe.

Auto Air conditioning Performance Check

If you’re experiencing any AC problems, we can figure it out with an air conditioning Performance Check done by our Auto AC Recharge Service ASR certified tech. Our professional and knowledgeable technicians will provide this service that is step by step to help us pin point the problem. This step by step process has been tried and true for all our techs at Bullitt Automotive, we like process’s not throwing things against the wall to see what sticks and our Auto AC Recharge Tempe. This process includes:


  • Performance test:

    • Testing the vehicle at idle and cruise speeds
    • Measuring the inlet/outlet air temps
    • Measuring fan speed at all levels
    • Visually inspect cabin filter (when available)
  • Inspection of all AC components

    • Visual inspection of evaporator (when available)
    • Visual inspection of condenser
    • Visual inspection of receiver
    • Visual inspection of accumulator
    • Visual inspection of expansion valve/bullet (when available)
  • System control test

    • Testing high pressure switch
    • Testing low pressure switch
    • Testing compressor clutch
  • System state of charge test

    • Static pressure test
    • Running pressure test
    • Addition of dye (when needed)
  • Leak test with electronic leak detector

    • Inspect all connections with ELD
    • Visually inspect all connections for signs of oil

yellow jacket air conditioning recharge service equipment

All of Auto AC Recharge Service techs at Bullitt Automotive are ASE Certified and we use only state of the art equipment and use the factory manuals for all our repairs. We pride ourselves at Bullitt Automotive as being the best Auto AC Recharge Tempe and Auto repair facility.

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