Steps Completing Wheel Alignment

Steps completing wheel alignment? Vehicle alignment requires bringing a car’s suspension into the correct configuration by adjusting components in order for the wheels to be aligned with one another as well as the road. This process is performed by an knowledgeable and experienced mechanic and a special alignment machine.

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Wheel Alignment Symptoms and Solutions

Keeping your tires properly aligned is the easiest way to make them last longer. In a perfect world, tires would wear evenly across the tread. But if you notice excessive or lopsided wear on your wheels, you may need an alignment check. When your tires are not pointing the right direction, they not only wear down faster but they...

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Wheel Alignment Basics FWD RWD and 4X4

“Alignment” is not just one part of your car. The alignment is actually a complex subject that includes a variety of terms and interrelated parts. When your tires are out of alignment, it means the wheels and the parts controlling them aren’t facing the correct angle to work properly. This affects steering, suspension, and can rapidly wear down tires....

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