A Sincere Thank You

A Sincere Thank You

These are the Thank You letters we appreciate so much. here is the letter

Dear Mr. Galowski

May I take this opportunity to put it in writing and tell you that you’re Bullitt Automotive garage is the best! Another garage worked on my car for 8 1/2 weeks, and couldn’t figure out what was draining my new AAA battery. Frank Acosta called me – it took him 30 minutes to find that my new battery was deader than dead. AAA brought a good battery to them, installed it, and now I  finally have my car back and running! My grandson, Joey, works at Raven Industries, asked his boss Ray about my broken car, and Ray said “Tell her to go to Bullitt, those guys are the best!” So I did – and I agree! Frank Acosta went beyond the call of duty, and I met another great, smart guy, Steve. They both told me how great you are, George. So I decided to write to you and tell you how I  feel – that you and your company employees are more than Exemplary!!


Joyce Wrieden

Thank You

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